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Those Were the Days


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If you have ever lived in the recently lost neighborhoods of
~|~   Meaderville, Elk Park, Columbia Gardens, East Butte or McQueen,   ~|~
then come attend your grand, gala, fine, fun-filled lost-neighborhood reunion !

It's been years in the planning and the time has finally arrived.

~|~     Saturday, August 06, 2016     ~|~

at the   McQueen Athletic Club,
3250 Hecla, Butte, Montana 59701
from 2 PM until - ? PM

Adults : $15.00
Children 6 and under are " Free "
Admission fee includes great music, dancing & dinner.

Schedule :
5:00 PM - Picnic dinner by Butte Hill Catering
6:30 PM - Dancing, music by the renouned IPads

Don't be late ! Reservations are due in by Jul. 11, 2016

~|~     For more information call anyone below     ~|~

Pauline (Mencarelli) deBarathy   -   299-3860

Millie (Oreskovich) Roskilly         -   494-3135

Esther (Panyon) Spear                   -   494-4013

JoAnn (Krizman) Spolar               -   494-4013

Rose Marie (Rebich) Ralph           -   494-3135

Don't be late ! Reservations are due in by Jul. 11, 2016

Didn't receive a registration flyer ?   Lost your flyer somewhere ?
Fear not - Just click on the link button to the right :
It's important that reservations be in by Jul. 11th, 2016 !

This gathering began as a Harrison Grade School reunion.   True.
Did you attended the Harrison or just knew someone that did ?
Matters not.   I invite everyone to click on this link button   ---->

Here is an article that was sent to the Butte Weekly.                      
You'll want to read this one.
So take a look and see what is being said.

If you know the name & address of a Lost Neighborhood resident
NOT on the list seen by clicking on the link just here to the right ->
Please contact Rose Marie at rjralph@rfwave.net   Thanks much.

Are they comming ?   Who ?   Your best buddy, Your 1st flame,
The family next door, that guy you haven't seen in 50 years ! This  
and much, oh, so much much more.   Click here ---->

      This is your official Lost Neighborhood photo web page.
We need pictures of the old home town.   You have them in the shoe
box stored in the trunk in the basement. Get them out, scan some
favorites and send them on in to trefor.duane@comcast.net.

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