Information needed for this Butte Figure Skating Club web site

Please read :
The next page requests that you can help locate skaters.
Most of them I know and remember well, but they have been lost over the years.

If you know them, please, please, do 3 things :
    1)   Give them the address of this web site :
    2)   Give them my e-mail address :
    3)   Tell me who you have found so I can update my index list.
    3b) If you know someone is deceased, let me know and I will note that as well.

ALSO ... If you have any information, programs, pictures from the Butte Figure Skating Club in the 1960s I'd love to chat with you and perhaps exchange information.   Who knows, We may be able to come up with yet another web site.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

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