Harrison Grade School
2065 Fir Street
Butte, Montana
(1901 - 1974)

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It is reported that Harrison was the smallest grade school in Butte.     (Alice Given)
It is also reported that Harrison was the best. (Trefor Roberts)

      This large 2 story brick building was the biggest structure in the entire community.
(To see this East Butte community and all it's surroundings, click HERE)
Well, the school was biggest with the exception of the slag structure which housed the remains of the deep shaft Pittsmont mine located about 1 1/2 blocks south of the school.   But, as kids, we never let such a danger bother us much ... if at all. (Tis a wonder any of us made it into adulthood!)

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      The other landmark building visible in the above picture is the East Butte Volunteer Fire Station located just to the right of the Pittsmont slag.   Although not Harrison Grade School related, I would be remiss if I did not give you the opportunity to see the following historic photograph.   It is a photograph of all the East Butte fire men gathered proudly along side their modern fire truck.   Just click HERE.

      The Harrison was a grand building with large double doors, wide spacious halls and stairways (no elevators here) and huge classrooms.   Click HERE to see how it appeared after the 1919 remodel.   It's versatility is unequaled by any modern day building.   A school by day, a general meeting facility in the evening.   The lunchroom played host to squaredancers from time to time.   The gym doubled as a theater for our outstanding theatrical performances at Christmas and Easter.   The library did duty as a music room as well.   For all 8 grades we had 4 classrooms !   Do the math.   Yes, that's 1 classroom, 1 teacher and students from 2 grades!   Yet, our education did not suffer.

      The school was still standing (although not in use) well into the 1970's when it met, along with most of the East Butte neighborhood, it's final demise in the hands of progress ... open pit mining progress.   Click HERE to see the sad devastation of a landmark.   Warning ... this photo is NOT for the fainthearted !

      Let me introduce you to many of the students that passed through this fine school.
In the sections that follow, I do not have full information and many times I do not have identification for students.   I hope that you can assist me with this project. Please, if you have information that I lack, send it to me for posting.   Thank you.

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