Harrison Grade School Class of 1919

      I really need your help on this one as I can identify only one (1) person in the photograph.   Yes, the lad in the rear row,   2nd from your left is my father,
Trefor Roberts (1905 - 1993).   I have NO idea who the rest of the youngsters are.

      The date of 1919 is also my estimate and I'm not 100% certain. Here's how I came up with 1919: Dad was born in 1905. If he entered grade school at the age of 6 and continued for 8 years to graduation then 05 + 6 + 8 = 19. It could easy be 1920 as well, however.

      If anyone would like a copy of this photo simply say so.   It can easy be re-scanned at a higher resolution for better clarity and sent either via e-mail attachment or printed for US Post delivery.

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