Harrison Grade School Class of 1946

      The following story was told to me by Helen (Tomich) Vidrich in a telephone interview late last year. (2009)   I have found no one to either confirm or disagree with what was told to me.   So here is Helen's story and she is sticking to it.

      Helen was in the same grade year as Don Orlich & with her sister Dorothy was set to graduate with the class of 1945.   But Helen was a spunky child and put clowning around, playing games and distrupting the class well ahead of her required studies.

      She was warned (probably repeatedly) by her teacher, Ms. Florence Stansbury, that she was in danger of being held back requiring a repeat of the 8th grade.   To make a long story short, Helen never did buckle down and do her studies.   And sure enough, Ms. Stansbury made good her word.   Being held back must have been terrible news to Helen, but she did not let that get her down.

      Helen returned to the Harrison school in the fall of the year to begin her 2nd try at the 8th grade.   One problem arose .... there were NO other students !   Helen was the only one ... alone.

      It was decided that there would be NO 8th grade class at the Harrison that year and Helen was transfered to the Franklin Grade School in McQueen where she graduated in the spring of 1946.

      Here now, is the important picture of Helen's graduation class.

the Franklin Grade School Class of 1946

Front Row :   ? Jovick,   ?2?,   ? Raffata,   ?4?,   ?5?,   ?6?,   ?7?.

Back  Row :   Helen Tomich,   ? Antonovich,   ?3?,   Ms. Elderkin,
? Kuga,   ? Bugni,   ? Jovick.

Many, many thanks Mr. Joe Tomich for sharing this photo.

Thanks also to Rose Marie (Rebich) Ralph for scanning & sending it to me
via e-mail.

      Do you know what happened to the Harrison class of 1946?
As you can see I do not know the names of all the Franklin students.   Please help.
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