Harrison Grade School Class of 1953

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And here's the whole group (each with ribbon) in front of the school.
Kneeling in front left to right are :
Duane Roberts,   Norman Hanni (deceased   See his Obituary),
Dan Jursnick (deceased   See his Obituary) and Bob Richards (deceased   See his Obituary).
Standing behind are :
Charlotte Osterman,   Joan Marvin,   Rosemary Dombrowski (deceased   see her Obituary),
DeLone Huber and Noralyn Stillings.

Teacher Kathleen Whelan (deceased   See her Obituary)

ring ME ring
Nice hairdo as well !

The 1953 Harrison Grade School graduation ring pictured above was recently found in my basement archives.   I had totally forgotten that I ever had this one.   I wonder how many of these rings still exist out there ?   If you have one or know someone that does, please drop me an e-mail note.
The picture below is of my original 1953 grade school diploma which I recently discovered, dusted off, framed, imaged and have now displayed.   If anyone else has their grade school diploma, take a photo of it and send it in to me.   I'll display it.


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