Harrison Grade School Class of 1953

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Student6thn Student7thn Student8thn Student9thn Teacher1thn

And here's the whole group (each with ribbon) in front of the school.

Kneeling in front left to right are :
Duane Roberts,   Norman Hanni (deceased   See his Obituary),
Dan Jursnick (deceased   See his Obituary) and Bob Richards (deceased   See his Obituary).

Standing behind are :
Charlotte Osterman,   Joan Marvin,   Rosemary Dombrowski (deceased   see her Obituary),
DeLone Huber (deceased   see her Obituary) and Noralyn Stillings.

Not pictured is Teacher Kathleen Whelan (deceased   See her Obituary)

ring ME ring
Nice hairdo as well !

The 1953 Harrison Grade School graduation ring pictured above was recently found in my basement archives.   I had totally forgotten that I ever had this one.   I wonder how many of these rings still exist out there ?   If you have one or know someone that does, please drop me an e-mail note.
The picture below is of my original 1953 grade school diploma which I recently discovered, dusted off, framed, imaged and have now displayed.   If anyone else has their grade school diploma, take a photo of it and send it in to me.   I'll display it.


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