Harrison Grade School Class of 1956

Front Row :
Deanna (Mencarelli) Woods,   Ron Hanni,   Kay (Spolar) Warnstrom,
John Jones,   Erin (Thompson) Sigl,   Ms. Kathleen Whelan (teacher)

Back Row :  
Nelton Postma (deceased   See his Obituary),   Cindy Manley,   Clare Collier,  
Fran Malesich (deceased),   Judy (Stefanich) Hawkinson,
Keith Johnson (deceased   See his Obituary).

Here's that same Harrison class but taken 3 years earlier (1953)
When they were in the 5th grade !

Front Row :
Erin (Thompson) Sigl,   Patty Huber,   Kay (Spolar) Warnstrom,,
Judy (Stefanich) Hawkinson,   Mary Ann (Caddy) Bone

Back Row :  
John Jones,   Deanna Mencarelli,   Keith Johnson (deceased),
Fran Malesich (deceased),   Ron Hanni,   Clare Collier

Many, many thanks to Ms. Ann (Caddy) Bone for supplying the above 2
really great photographs.


The Harrison Grade School PTA diner
at the Aero Cafe

Foreground table :
  Near row :
?Eleanor? Stillings,   Mrs. Hussien,   Ruby Roberts,   Elsie Willman,   Mable Sandstrom, ?6?,   ?7?
  Far row :
Kathryn McNichols,   ?2?,   Kay Leskovar,   Mary Laurich,   ?5?,   Mrs. Calcaterra,
Betty Mencarelli

Background table :
  Near row (seated):
Ruth Jones,   Mrs. Harrington,   Anna Mae Jursnick,   ?4?,   Mrs. Carveth,
Mrs. Warnstrom,   Kathleen Whelan,   Angie Lencioni
  Far row (standing) :
Jean Custin,   ?Mrs. Matthews?,   Viva Hailstone,   ?4?,   ?5?,   ?6?,   ?7?,   ?8?,   ?9?,
?10?,   ?11?   Stephanie Kranitz,   ?13?,   Mrs. Hunt,   ?15?

Many thanks to   Mr. Art Willman   of Butte, Montana for submitting the above photo.
If you would like to meet Art go to the 1957 web page and scroll down.

And for helping ID the above women, thanks must also go to :
Mr. Art Willman ,   Mrs. Alana LaRock ,   Mr. Dave Marshall ,   Mrs. Deanna Woods
Mrs. Barbara Dzamesi
If you have a picture to share or if you can ID someone in the pictures above
Simply click on the E-mail button below.

Thanks for your help.

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