Harrison Grade School for the year 1957

This was the last year that the Harrison had grades 1 thru 8.   I have included a picture of what I think is the 7th grade class .... but I'm guessing.   Scroll down.   Somewhere in someones bottom drawer or attic or basement is a photo of the 8th grade class.   Please help expand this web site by passing the URL address on to anyone that may have the information we need.   Click on the e-mail button below to help me out.

The year was 1957, and these 6th grade Harrison graduates are to become
part of the very first 7th grade class at the new East Junior High School.

Front Row :   Bob Jursnick,   Richard Stillings,   Dennis Kangus,   Loren Hanni
Back Row :   John Parini,   Art Willman,   Carol Matthews,   Don Thompson,   Henry ?

WHO is on the shirt ? Deceased. See Obituary (Nice bow-tie, eh ?)

Many thanks to   Mr. Art Willman   of Butte, Montana
for sharing the above 6th grade class photo.

I'm not sure, but I think this is the 7th grade class.
I'm hoping someone will be able to remember and let me know.

Front row   (seated):   Joe Caddy,   Don Leskovar,   ???
Back row (standing):   Delores Rebich,   John Marvin,   Tim Postma,   Carol Stevens

Many thanks to   Ms. Rose Marie Rebich   of Butte, Montana
for sharing the above 7th grade photo.

See Ben's Obituary).
Ben, I'm told, was in the Harrison 8th grade class in 1957,
but I do not have a class picture yet.

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