Front Row : (left to right)
Joe Severinski,   Bert Mehrens,   ?3?,   Knute Warnstrom,   ?5?,   John Warnstrom,
Frank Jursnick,   Arne Hanni

Middle Row : (left to right)
Dave Mencarelli,   Jake Simonich (Fire Chief),   Joe Rossman,   Ed Marshall,
John (Flip) Kranitz,   Bill Carveth,   Mike Aumann

Back Row : (left to right)
Carl Hussein,   Emmett Jones,   Anton (Babe) Leskovar,   Jimmy Bennets,
Charles (Fritz) Bessette,   Bill Carveth,   Calvin L. (Buzzy) Hunt,   George Spolar,
?9?,   Mel Grandberg,   Andrew (Swede) Backlund

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Many thanks to Ms. Deanna (Mencarelli) Woods of Misoula, Montana
for sharing this historic 1953 photo.

And thanks to these folks for helping to identify the above firemen :
Deanna (Mencarelli) Woods, Dave Marshall, Art Willman, Ed Jursnich, Norm Hanni

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