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Let's remember way back then ....

I am proud to announce that the following
web pages display the hard work of
Ms. Wilma (Blewett) Puich and her
Butte, Mt. grade school kids project.

Take your time to read through the links below.
They contain a description of this project & how it came to pass
written by Wilma herself.
This is followed by links to the grade school pictures.
Have fun !   Remember when ?

Intro to the Grade school pictorial.

New changes incorporated with the release of Mar 14, 2013

Sharon commented one day that "We sure have lost a lot of grade schools.".
This brought up the questions "How many?" and "Which ones are lost?"
To create a visual answer to those questions I created a small grey tombstone with the letters "RIP".  
This tombstone signifies the school is deceased or no longer functions as a grade school.   It is placed on the push pin head in the Map section & just along side the school name in the Index section.   Using information supplied to me by Wilma (Blewett) Puich, I have displayed the current status of each school immediately following the school picture.

There are 2 paths into the pictures :
Butte maps   and   Grade school index

Send your grade school group photo via e-mail to
I will publish it right here along with Wilma's amazing collection !

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