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Do you have a story or perhaps a few pictures of the event you would like to share ?     Sure you do .... we all do.

Here is the place to share those memories of your great reunion time with all the classmates.

So break out your writing pen and paper.     Download those photographs to your hard drive and select the best.

Stories of any kind are candidates.     Party stories, old times stories, grade school group stories, general Butte stories.   How many of you had lunch at the M&M or Gamers ?   Or diner at the Pekin ?
Remember, I publish what I get.   I cannot edit or correct or fix what you write .... that would not be right.

Pictures of any kind are candidates .... well almost any kind, No XXX stuff. Party pics, your old home pics, BHS pics, general Butte pics.   How many of you visited the Berkley pit or the Speculator/Granite Mountain memorial ?
Remember, if your picture needs explanation or a caption send that along with.

When done, send them via e-mail to

Now, lets peek at the pictures .... most recent fare first
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Pictures from the reunion of 2007

Pictures from the reunion of 2006

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