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Butte High School classmates "Then & Now"

This fun information update section for your classmates is in urgent need of your help.     You see, without your information others will be left asking "What ever happened to him/her?".

      So how can I help ?       What is needed ?

      Only 2 things ...
1) A fairly recent photograph of yourself which can be cropped and /or resized by the ole web tech here for placement on your very own web page !   The goal is to obtain a bust-style image approximately 4 inches tall .... that's 290 pixels tall at 72 pixels / inch resolution.   By 'recent' I mean within the last couple of years.
2) A very short autobiography with your history.   We cannot publish a book, but a 1 or 2 paragraph synopsis of where you've been and what you've done over the past 50 years is what we are looking for.   See examples posted on the classmate index on the following page.

      If you have access to a scanner, the photograph can be scanned and sent along with a short autobiography, via e-mail attachment.   That's quick and easy.
Just click on this link :

Without access to a scanner, the best way is to take your photograph and have it photo copied ... keeping your original safe at home. Materials sent in to me will not be returned, unless specifically requested.   Send your photocopied picture and autobiography to :

BHS Reunion 56 - 57
9285 Quitman Street
Westminster, Colorado 80031

Notes:     For ease of reference, please include your year of graduation from Butte High School and your name. Women: please include your given or maiden name.
You will be able to exchange e-mails with other classmates.

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