Montgomery Family Detail

Joseph H. Montgomery
    Born about 1815, Occupation Farmer
    Married Charlotte Arter on 25-Apr-1837, in Botetcourt County, Virginia
    Died 30-Jul-1881, Jackson County Infirmary, Ohio

Mary Montgomery
    Born about 1838

Elizabeth Montgomery
    Born about 1840
    Married Robert Montgomery on 24-Dec-1859

Minerva Montgomery
    Born about 1842
    Married Samuel Montgomery on 24-Dec-1859

Martha Francis Montgomery
    Born Apr-1845.

George H. Montgomery
    Born 1852 in Ohio

John E. H. Montgomery
    Born 1855 in Kentucky.

Nancy E. Montgomery
    Born 1857

James M. Montgomery
    Born about 1848, Virginia, Occupation Farmer
    Married Mary Ann Drake on 22-Oct-1867, in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio

Albert Sanford Montgomery
    Born about 1870, Occupation Lumberjack in Kelso, Washington

Ida Almeda Montgomery
    Born 03-Jul-1872
    Died 16-Oct-1888
    Buried: Park Center Cemetary, Elgin, Nebraska.

Joseph Henry Montgomery          


    Born 18-Oct-1868, Waverly, Ohio, Occupation Farmer
    Married Susan Dean Wiltshire on 07-Jan-1897, in Neligh, Nebraska
    Died 18-Oct-1948, Orchard, Nebraska

John Edward Montgomery   alias   John D Montgomery      


    Born 17-Feb-1874, Beaver, Pike Co., Ohio, Occupation Farmer
    Married Mary Gertrude Linnabary on 16-Dec-1896, in Alma, Kansas
    Died 15-Jun-1961, Butte, Montana
    Buried: 17-Jun-1961, Mt. View Cemetary, Butte, Montana

John Leslie Montgomery          


    Born 24-Mar-1902, Lincoln, Nebraska, Occupation Copper Miner
    Died 03-Nov-1973, Warm Springs, Montana
    Buried: 06-Nov-1973, Mountain View Cemetary, Butte, Montana

George Walter Montgomery
    Born 08-May-1897, Newman Grove, Nebraska, Occupation Farmer
    Married Mary Wilhelmina Suhr on 26-Jun-1917
    Died 28-Aug-1960, Tilden, Nebraska
    Buried: Orchard, Nebraska

Albert Samuel Montgomery
    Born 12-Mar-1899
    Married Mabel Boyle
    Died about 1957 in Jerico, Missouri

Margaret Dean Montgomery
    Married Mr. Conway
    Died in Evanston, Wyoming

Aleda Fern Montgomery
    Born 14-Jan-1904, Elgin, Nebraska, Occupation Housewife / Waitress
    Married Carl Ellison on 29-Jun-1926, in Torrington, Wyoming
    Died 09-Jul-1995, Nursing Home, Neligh, Nebraska
    Buried 12-Jul-1995, Park Center Cemetary, Elgin, Nebraska.

Ruby Ella Montgomery          


    Born 21-Oct-1904, Lincoln, Nebraska, Occupation housewife
    Married Trefor Roberts on 06-Jun-1932, in Missoula, Montana
    Home: 2216 Fir Street, Butte, Montana
    Died 18-Mar-1992, Federal Heights, Colorado
    Buried: 06-Sep-1994, Mt. Moriah cemetary Butte, Montana

Wayne George Montgomery
    Born 02-Dec-1917, Elgin, Nebraska, Occupation Manager, QFC Grocery
    Married Nola Evelyn Hackett on 18-Jan-1940, in Grand Island, Nebraska
    Died 07-Oct-1969, Seattle, Washington
    Buried: Washelli Cem. Seattle, Washington

Kermit Duane Montgomery
    Born 30-Jun-1920, Elgin, Nebraska, Occupation Farmer
    Married Selma Schacht on 01-Feb-1941
    Died 21-Oct-1991, Orchard, Nebraska
    Buried: Orchard, Nebraska

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