In Memory of

Donald Edmond Mobley

Sep. 10, 1929   -   Jan. 23, 2003
Westminster, Colorado

I first met Don down at the local church shortly after our family moved into the Denver area. After the morning service, I would step outside on the East sidewalk for a cigarette. Don was there, and with a broad smile and firm handshake, introduced himself to this newcomer and said 'Welcome'.

Instinctively, I knew that Don was not your run-of-the-mill "on duty" church greeter. I knew he was sincere and really meant that 'Welcome.' That was the beginning of a 30 year friendship.

Looking back, I'm sorry I never told him just how successful he really was as an Ambasador.

Trefor Roberts

Don was always an avid fisherman. I've been told that fishing was not just a hobby for Don, but rather, he considered it 'his job' ! I'm not sure exactly what the story line was that got him animated in the photo below. Could have been the big one he caught or perhaps the big one that got away.

The day before he passed away, Don called and invited me to go with him to Stanley lake, just to 'check on the fish'. Well, it was not fishing season ... it was January, it was cold and I already had other plans so I politely declined. I wish now I had gone with him as I'm sure he had some fishin' stories to tell.

Don was also an accomplished guitarist, even if he did not make it into the big performance league of country & western music. He played for his own enjoyment and relaxation and for his family and friends. He also taught guitar for many a year.

Amazing to me, was the fact that Don, who also posessed an enormous talent at woodworking, actually fabricated his own guitar. Not built from a kit, but made from scratch! That home made guitar will be in the family for many, many years to come.

A family man, not only in the classical sense,
but encompassing all in his community.
A twinkle in his eye,
A song in his heart,
A skip in his step,
and a joke on his lips.
A self-made man, guitarist, carpenter,
wood worker extraordinaire,
carpenter, fisherman and mentor.

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