Harrison Grade School Class of 1945

Front Row :   Dorothy Tomich,   Florence Rebich,   Ines Worth,   Helen Rossman.

Back  Row :   John Richards,   Steve Casick,   Ronald Worth,   Don Orlich.

Many, many thanks Mr. Joe Tomich for sharing this photo.

Thanks also to Rose Marie (Rebich) Ralph for scanning & sending it to me via e-mail.

This picture of Don is the only single photo that I have in the above class.
Others exixt, I'm sure ..., if only they could be found.   Please contact me if you have one.

Now, what became of this group of Harrison kids ?   Read on.

Steve Casick is a retired carpenter and contractor in Butte.
Donald C. Orlich is a "retired" Professor Emeritus at Washington State University in Pullman WA.
Florence Rebich died of cancer several years ago.
John Richards a retired superintendent of the Climax Mining Company in Colorado
died July 12, 2007.   See his Obituary
Helen Rossman is a retired nurse and author of a nursing book living in Post Falls, Idaho.
Dorothy Tomich is a retired house cleaner in Butte.
Inez Worth was killed in an auto accident near Homestake Pass.
Ronald (Buddy) Worth is a retired air frame mechanic and lives in Central California.

If you have more info on any of these people or perhaps
a 1945ish picture of any of them, I sure would like to hear from you.

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