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You must see two of Jon McNaughton paintings (below).
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    Having recently been accepted into the GORF *  society, there are those who have suggested that this page is the product of someone with way too much free time on hand. I'm at a loss to explain this as, since retirement, I have virtually NO free time!

    I would like to share bits of information on topics that have managed to consume substantial blocks of my available time. If you find a common interest here perhaps we can share information in more detail.

* : Goofy Old Retired Farts

Awaiting the performance
of the brass band from
Trefor village, N. Wales.

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Special items of family interest:
Greetings from Marilyn and Me  
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This page was featured in:         for the month of April 2000

The Colorado Welsh Society web page, a component of this one, was mentioned in the article "Cyber Cymru"
in the February 2001 issue of the national Welsh American newspaper "Ninnau".

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