Below is a pictorial index to the many, many
projects that I have put together over the years.

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A model car display case built for my grandson Dylan.

A decorative fairy jewelry case built for
my granddaughter Cheyanne.

A case to display sea shells collected for me by
my grandson, Dylan, on Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

A galactic display unit for old time steelies,
built for my son-in-law, David.

Old record display frames, built for my daughter,
Beth, the musician in the family.

A Beer Bottle Display Shelving unit built for ME,
to save my old 25 year old boxed up collection.

Play furniture built for my late daughter Elissa.

A memorial web page for her can be found at URL :

What does one do with a regulation cricket ball when the
game is not played in this country ?.

This cradle was built before my wife, Marilyn, had delivered
our 1st child !

Replacement window sill for all ugly home originals.

Why throw your jacket on the couch ?
Use this rotating hanger post instead.  

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