Harrison Grade School Class of 1951

From your left to right :
  Floral Mae (Stillings) Goodman,   Doreen Shaw,  
  Lois (Carveth) Craddock, (deceased)   See her Obituary,
  Deanna (Carpino) Holland (deceased)   See her Obituary,
Jim Jursnick (deceased)   See his Obituary,   John Laurich,
Wallace Johnson, (deceased)   See his Obituary
Ralph Warnstrom (deceased)   See his Obituary

Many, many thanks to Ms. Edna (Johnson) Goodman for sharing this photo.
Thanks also to Rose Marie (Rebich) Ralph for sending it to me via internet e-mail.

The Harrison Grade School city basketball champions 1951

Nr. 12 is James Kujala Nr. 3 is Mickey Harrington Nr. 11 is Jack Kranitz
Nr. 8 is Bob Richards (deceased)
Holding the ball is Leonard Cislo Behind Leonard is Dave Marshall
Nr. 10 is Raymond Fava Nr. 5 is Dan Jursnick (deceased)
Nr. 7 is Don Spolar (deceased) Nr. 6 is Ricky Head (deceased)
The gentleman on your right is Coach Matt Caddy

Many, many thanks to Mr. Tom Caddy for sending this photo to me.

Thinking about those good ol' days, Dave Marshall recollects :
I can only remember one game;   a non-conference one with the Orphan's Home at Twin Bridges, and they thoroughly trounced us.   This was at the end of the season, and I had apparently outgrown my tennis shoes, and my feet were blistered by game's end.

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