Harrison Grade School Class of 1955

Front Row 3 boys :
Joe Ayres,   David Hanni (deceased)   See his Obituary,   Ward Thompson,

Back Row :  
JoAnn Krizman,   Marlene Shutey (deceased),
Diane Warnstrom (deceased),   See her Obituary,
Ron Kranitz (deceased),   See his Obituary,
Don Spolar (deceased),   See his Obituary,
  Roger Postma (deceased).

Behind them all :  
The teacher : Ms. Kathleen (Whelan) Janney

Kneeling :
Joe Ayres,   David Hanni,  Ward Thompson
Standing ;
JoAnn Krizman,   Marlene Shutey,   Diane Warnstrom,   Ron Kranitz,
Roger Postma
Teachers :
Miss Whelan,   Miss McNichols

For some unknown reason Don Spolar is not in this picture.

The student photos, the class graduation program below & the class
ring above were submitted by Joe Ayres.   Many, many thanks to him for his efforts.

Joe1   Joe2   Joe3

Dave         Diane         Ron

Don             Ward


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